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Saturday, January 29, 2011

all about shoes.

This should be posted since last week where i pass through few blogs talking about their collection of shoes. Well then , i tot that i should talk about that too :P nothing special lah. I buy , i wore once and i keep like forever . lol . (Btw i just came back from Sunway and bought a pair of sandals.. That makes me 3 pair of new shoes that i haven't even wear. zzz. I like to buy shoes and idk why ! If can , i would like to have Mariah Carey's shoes closet lor.. Google see. Mine was like ....................... i also donno why i show.. lol .. No inspiration to blog about anything. That's why.

Spot the converse shoes that i bought few years ago in Shenzen , China. Not fake kay . It's authentic one. (Last one,Beige color,metal deck) I wore it like less then 10times cause i found it very inconvenient to wear lor. I use to love the first one (metal deck, red stripes). Last time i wore it like everyday to college until the tip there broken off. Donno can fix a not. I love the sharp edge heel (plastic deck, first one) I use to wear it everywhere until one day i found it not suitable for what i wear for outings , therefore i stopped :( That's all for today.

Gonna change the position again :( Lazy plus tired


  1. Where got compare to Mariah Carey's one.. lol

  2. dont compare with mariah carey..
    compare with another malaysian hahahhaha

  3. hahah .. like who leh ?? ?
    much more compare to me.. lol

  4. hahaha lol dunno :P
    atleast, dont compare to those fucking rich celebs :P :P

  5. LOL~uii! we nt only share same bday month but we share same habit!! BUY SHOE~!! i can but 5pairs shoe but nt clothes!!!!!!!!!

  6. shazwan : Hee hee .. okay... i know it's quite many.. haha

    Carol : Hahah !! Cause same horoscope mah.. sure what also same.. lol ! I love shoes !