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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Feel so lifeless. Cause nothing to do
Promise to bring more UPDATES about myself
starting next week onwards (fingers crossed) lol.
I tell u all hor....... why sometimes i'm like so lazy to blog.
First of all it's about NN.
Got few times ,
my Analytics was like 500++ per week
(i know it's so lil)
For 3 weeks consecutively the viewer has like 500++
NN nvr update my earnings lor. Sien 7 sien.
( I Swear It's True )
Cause i'm like check it everyday lor.
Then when they updated , it's so lil.
Last time weren't like that. ZZZ
Perhaps it's my fault cause i'm so lazy
to blog walk.
Now the viewers dropped to 300++ per week.
And the earnings stuck at RM45.70.
BTW i nvr earn 1 cent from nn b4 lor.
Just a pair off free movie Tickets :)

Secondly , there's like no much people
reads my blog , make me no strength to write.
Wtf .. i'm too over abt it -_____-

Thirdly , i got no money ady !
Bankrupt ! Used alot !!!
Left 300 cash in hand.
Still wanna buy clothes and color my nails.
lol .. i know it's so unrelated ! haha

Thats all lah !
Anyone know which tint
shop is the best and cheap ?


  1. haha
    just update ur blog, n im sure lots of people will read ur posts..
    same case with me..reading ur blogs, but sometimes only comment XD

  2. Thanks for the much support !! :D

  3. oii~~ u painted ur nail at where how much!?? no ajak~!! i want make also!! and i want to do permenant hair remove u interested!??

  4. i haven't color yet lar.. Jia Hui suddenly can't.. so dint color dou...
    Hair removal ?? how much ??