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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Feel so Lifeless sitting here Doing Nothing at all. I actually hates to stay at home cause i got nothing to do. I doesn't like to play games , movies ? idk how to download and lazy to watch , if i does watch i'll like fast forward one. I prefer Outings. Hanging out with my bf , friends or family.

Boyfriend, he doesn't like outings one.. He prefer to stay at home. And then , he never like to text me. That makes me frustrated all the time. He can don't text me one. And i fucking hate that. What so hard to reply me .Wtf. This i cannot tolerate ok. You can smoke , drive fast , sleep late , midnight only back home like every week consecutively. All i can Tolerate but i could't tolerate u din't reply me and i'm like a asshole sitting at there waiting for your fucking text msg ! If u got things to do or working, i'm okay with it but u din't ! You're at home donno doing what ! Seriously I feel like u might lying so much things behind me. And i'm writing this not because of i want anybody's attention and say how bad you're cause you're. If you're not why the hell i want to waste my time writing about u. Not worth it okay. oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo !!!

Friends, I always date them but they always give me excuses or idk. I'm lazy to call them out cause i know what's the answer. So No. Or some even act like nothing happen when she promises me for outings. Twice not once. Whatsoever. I don't wanna care so much. Feel so hopeless for myself for being such a Loser.

(My bf don't even believe they rejected me for few times, he tot i lied him cause i want to go out with him, So disappointed on him, wtf)

Family, well the only one in my family will out with me is my sis but she always reject me cause i promised her to out with her then i ffk her cause i go out with my friends. wtf. I know i'm wrong so sorry. I tell u all, even if that thing never happen, she also won't go out with me because she is a lazy bump ! What girls like to do , etc shopping , make up, she dislike it.

So tired about my boring life.
I Fucking hope someday i'll find my outing partner !
Willing to out with me whenever i want and accompany me when i'm sad like now.
DAMN ! Fucking lifeless !


  1. dun want accompany?? zzzzzzzzzzz

  2. aduii~~still got me ma! text me! i will reply for sure except if i no credit or expire! XD

  3. Shazwan : he's lazy lar.. and i like to out so much.. lol

    Carol : Okay !! i'll call u when i'm lonely.. lol ! I love u ! Teeeeheeeee..