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Thursday, December 1, 2011

happenings in one post

yes. hi.
i'm lazy again.

Joanne's birthday :D
Love you my dear.
After 6 years of friendship , loosen abit now.
And i donno why.
Please anything i did , tell me.
I would like to know.
I miss the day we have been together.
Anyway, Happy Birthday (0411XX)
Love you and miss you always.
Good luck in Aus :)
Four in lagoon.
Four bi*tches in lagoon.
Love it !!!
Can't believe we make it .. sobssss
I've been wanting this for years !
Kelvin's birthday.
No pic of him and me because i barely know him
Why m i at there ?
I hardly know.
I his dog.
Went to Snowflake and Geographer.
Edo Ichi & Barbera with dear Jia hui.
Edo Ichi food was amazingly nice.
This might be my new header.

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