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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


One of our most important thing in the world. Without it , you can't even live. Without money you got nothing , you can't buy anything and use it. Frankly , i doesn't know how to manage my money. I earn I use it without keeping it. My money in my bank account doesn't last long like I can finish it within a month. And earning it is not easy i know. But i just can't stop myself from buying things that people have i doesn't. Last few months , i used a lot on Food & apparels. When i see something that i like i would buy buy buy without thinking any consequences. Look , there are still some new clothes inside my closet that never wear before. I wanted to sell it through online but i'm afraid that no one wants and people only wants it at dirt cheap prices which i can't let it go. Somehow , the main reason is that i'm Lazy to do it = = I need to think of everything from where to set up the online secondhand store to deliver it to the buyers. So complicated. But i did took some pictures with it. Three - four times already but never post it. Wtf ... Ok . Back to money. As you can see CNY are almost here like real fast .. wtf. I'm not planning to buy any new clothes. *cross fingers* hopefully i won't. hahaha but i think i set of clothes for first day won't hurt. >.< So yea. I'm saving money for new phone which it cost a Boom. Guess what i'm aiming for ? An iphone. bla bla bla Then need to save money for the Taiwan trip which i feel that it's extremely expensive. RM1300 for only the return air ticket. You see , i can find tour for 7 days at RM1900 which include hotel and food. But all of my friends doesn't want so i'm still considering whether i should go a not. If i'm not going then i won't need to eat bread for few months. hahaha.

Life ain't easy when you demand for so much.

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