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Monday, April 16, 2012

Charlie Brown Cafe (Klcc)

Purposely went to KLCC to visit this Cafe.
Quite disappointing.
I expect this place gonna be pack of people but not , not at all.
About 5 tables that are occupied only.
Kinda regret having my meal there.
Should order a cup of hot chocolate and take the opportunity to take pictures to the max , just like the 4 girls sitting beside us screaming for pictures. wtf

Can u see how disappointing is it ? Menu *1/5
I can do better than this.

Nice ceiling

The chair i'm sitting here more comfy than this -__________-
Yala yala .. i very fussy ..

Normal meal where i can eat at Thomas won't cost this much.

Outfit of the day
Grey top from Mirocle
Pants from Apee
Clutch from sunway (asian avenue)
Bangle from Diva <3 it

Snoooooooooooopy Addicted to this game.

Fish & Chips *2/5
I only like the fries
Fish without the dipping sucks.
The dipping not mayo or what , yellow in color.

Chicken chop *1.5/5
The sauce , imagine eating western food with malay sauce.
Quite weird.
The wedges no good at all

Finally something soothe me.
Chocolate drink. Like it *3.5/5

My pretty dear <3

After the upset meal , and no places to go cause i doesn't like to go klcc.
Purposely went to Bangsar to try this cake recommended by my friend.
So hard to find a parking lot. zzz

Rainbow cake. So sweet ! I don't like.
And expensive ! If im not wrong more than RM10++

Milk for me.

Her cappucino
Nice art work.

Wake up this hour cause of my sis - - She too noisy
I'm too sensitive seriously after the incident (due to my house back facing main road and people like to go up the hill and shout like no body's business)
BRAINLESS people ! One midnight i woke up at 4am in the morning and heard many indian people shouting and screaming. WTF . Do u know how scary is it ? OMG. And hor those motorcycle / motorcar very very very noisy ! So now i could't sleep tightly and always wake up during midnight. Life is so scary for me. Sigh.
Can you imagine everyday is a sleepless night. Please , Cure me :(

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