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Friday, April 13, 2012

His birthday 2012

Good morning :) It's 5am in the morning

And i'm awake because of external too cold and internal too hot if u get what i mean.

It's time to update a bit about my life

And it's about February ..

So , his simple birthday celebration we went to Pavilion , planned to eat Angus steak house but CLOSED Down ! wtf so ended up in Tony Roma's

My Great big pimple from last time and now it became BLACK in color with a scar on my nose. Great , claps , so great .wtf So ugly ! and even concealer can't cover it up ! Goooooooooooooooooooood ! House remedies said that lemon will help , yes it does but still there ! Still there ! Just yesterday i bought Bio-Oil to the rescue and they say need to use for 3months. WTF . Half more month to my big day and one more month for my first ever trip to overseas with my friends. Sigh .. Gonna depressed to see my ugly face. :(((((

My mix rib and cube beef.
Quite good. 3.5/5

Still prefer Gaucho Steak house

His Wagyu Steak.
3/5 not so good

Soup. Fucking huge and we can't finish it
Not so good.

Simple is love yeah ?
Top from Thai obviously
Shorts from Apee :)

I wanna be slimmer and slimmer and slimmer but i can't. Due to too much of acidic food i got stress and anxiety i guess. And now lead to heart burning. No spicy , fried , oily food and raw vegetables for now. So basically i'm gaining weight back and i can't skip meals. What should i do ? But to fight off my anxiety which i doesn't want it to happen i need to eat back. Sigh ... Cham luu ... Never had a chance to get rid my fucking 15 years of tummy ! Arghhhhhh and my pair of legs damn huge.. 9 meng ahhhhh

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