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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Melaka 3 days 3 nights

Insomnia again.
Decided to write.

How many post did i write about melaka ? 
Countless ? = =' 
It seems that i love melaka so much that i can visit there
2 to 3 times a year. wtf
This time is the longest time ever
3 days 2 nights
Stayed at Arenaa De luxe.
A really nice boutique hotel with one star price.
RM140 for 2 nights with breakfast.
And yeaaa ! 
For the first time i'm driving!
Credit to Ai ling to be the second driver.
 Went to Melaka Wonderland. 
The location not so good.
If without advertising this place , no one knows confirm.
And the quality of the fair not so good compare with lagoon.
When we reached there , there were only few person.
OK , make it this way.
There's only about 20 customers.
WTF how u going to survive ??
And i can tell you , if you are looking for excitement
then u gotta visit here cause the games are
The first one Tornado.
I like this game.
Not so scary.

Kamizake Racer.
We gotta carry the blue thingy up and down
and it's not near and the road are freaking hot !
Much more scarier then the lagoon one.

Big wave din't open that day.
Picture 4 &5 din't play.
Anaconda twist , 
They say need to wear swimsuit
So din't play.

Wave Rider.
Love the lagoon version.

Family jollies , 
We r adult.

The Pendulum 
SCARIEST thing i ever encounter 
Really scare me to death nearly !
The tube nearly fly out if we din't grab it = =
Only ai ling and me play.
And i think if we got heart attack , 
we already kena .

That's all i want to talk about it.
Others sucks and the toilet sucks.
The changing room are only with curtains.
No doors and abit eerie.

After that , went to eat PORK satay.
Nicest satay i ever eat lor
i can eat many !
After that , Satay celup
Which my friends said it weren't that great.

After that , went to massage.
Nearly die cause of their strength.
So hard ! My bones were deeply in pain after that.
Then went for supper.
Melaka famous oyster omelette.
But i prefer the night market at jonker street that one.
And i tell u hor,
Melaka hokkien mee no good one !
 Day 2
Went to Hatten square to try this boat sushi when the last time
i saw but din't eat with bf.
So tried that day.
Various design and expensive.

After that , went to Nadeje :)
Meet up my dear jia hui and nyny and friends.
Bring them to pork satay after sitting the menara taming sari
and the Ship museum.

Than rest at hotel than went to the beach.
Than at last pasar malam.
Bought the oyster omelette . Awesomely nice !
And other foods to have supper in hotel.

Day 3

Went back at 11am plus
Luckily got Ai ling !
If not i
Cause i'm too tired and gotta sleep
in car. I drove for about 20minutes 
and the rest she drive back to puchong !
She is tough !
Before heading back to home
We went to Baci @citta mall.
Ate pesto pasta.
Than drive them back home.
After dropping ai ling.

That's all and i was sick that day and the next day.
Why so weak ?? Why ! ?

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