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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Freelance job.

For the past 6 month's i've been working as a freelancer at night time. The first freelance job that i worked for was selling ice-cream at Giant for 10 hours and no chance of me sitting. Only earned RM100 per day. That day really cracked me up. I can't feel my legs for two days -.- imagine standing for 10 hours giving free samples. Life ain't easy. Worked for a day. After about 3 years i was called to work. My friend asked me to replace a girl at a restaurant to introduce cigarette for 3 days. So i did. I was lucky that the boss and people treated me good and bought me drinks and food at the end of the day :) After months , i interviewed a job at Teeq's for almost a month and twice a week. For the conjunction of Octoberfest. RM150 per night for 5 hours. I was't a easy job i tell you. With 4" stilettos with a socks that i had to wear it. I could't feel my legs at all. My toes was cracked up. For 5 hours we can't even sit. It's tough really. Gotta stand walked around the mall with the cute outfit that attracts a dozen of people to look at us. Ain't easy money. 

Than i've been taking up some replacement job for girls :) 

Fav job of all. Roving job :) Wear flats and t shirt + shorts ! Walked around restaurant's.

Roving job too :D Dress + Heels
One night few outlets and we are good to go !

In the conjunction of halloween day. 

This outfit that i'm talking about.
Ain't easy money.

First and last serving job i worked for. First because i gotta serve beer for customers and serving job is like beer girl. Although all the rest of the job was beer girl also but this is different. Serving at a bar for 4 hours and sometimes uncles will disturb you. lol. No touching thou but when you're unlucky some uncles will touch where i encounter before. Don't think more. They only touch your back. But still i don't like. Some people will give you tips. Few people gave me tips before -______- Like RM5-RM10 but i din't accept. So stupid right. I should have take. lol 

All the jobs i worked before , the most fav job are the roving ones. Seriously easy and fast. It's better then u stay at an outlet for 4-5 hours. 

Oh yea. And this job gave me opportunities to know more freelance friends which is really good. All types of girls or guys with different perspective i met.

I hope to be 5cm taller to get jobs easily. They like to hire taller ones :( 

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