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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spa at Renaissance KL

Bought this Groupon Deal last year and used on January if i'm not wrong. LOL
At RM58-68 we got to used all the jacuzzi facilities for 5 hours long and unlimited ala carte food. This package includes a 45minutes massage. When we reached there , we were asked to change our clothes to a comfortable big size shirt and loose pants. So does our inner wear. Yup Bra and Panties. It's made out from waterproof paper something like that. No pic -.- But if u did follow my instagram - Sarahlee1005 - it's there i posted. 

After changing , we were brought to this cozy room to have a sit while waiting for the masseuse to come.

I was brought to this room ALONE and my other two friend at another room. Yes no room joining and idk why. Waited for about 5minutes she's finally here. She was from Sabah and she's semi blind. She din't apply any oil to massage nor asked where as my friend masseuse did applied for them. She asked for tips at the end too. I gave RM10 to her -.- but then if she's not blind i would not have give because i can't feel any comfort at all. 

Tomyam maggi unlimited -___________- 
How many bowls u can eat ? 

After massage we went for the steam room and jacuzzi. The water temperature at first 38 degrees. Wtf . She ask very hot ? Just now that indian lady say not hot enough. DAFUQQQQQQQQQQ. Can't sit in for so long. You will feel very dizzy after that. And yes we were all felt uncomfortable after the jacuzzi session.

Far away. No make

End of post Bye.

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