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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Jetty Suites review (Melaka)

Continued post.
After buying everything we headed back to Puchong. YES ! Puchong > Morib > Puchong > Melaka
Because one of our friend Kah sing are not free for us. Than another friend joined us to this Melaka trip. And if we really headed to Melaka without dropping off all our goods we are doomed ! We won't able to have space for our Melaka trips. We are all aunties and uncles. What kepoh stuff also buy. hahahaha

Since the hotel we booked only can check in at 3pm. We went to the Famous Coconut shake at around pantai klebang. Around petrol station there. As it was Friday that day they opened at around 2pm. We reached early and waited for a while like 5minutes. There were already people sitting there and waiting for them to open. After half hour people starting to come in. I kinda like the shake too. And the nasi lemak. Super nice i had Two packs. 

 Super yummy. Yum yum

After makan, we went back town to search for our hotel. Damn hard to search this hotel. You know why ????? Cause this hotel located INSIDE the mahkota hotel. DAFUQ. We din't know until we went down and ask the reception of the mahkota hotel. And we need to walk to another block to get there. (the GPS shows us the way to mahkota hotel) Than i called the company that i booked. A guy xxx bought us to our room. It was a TWO bedroom apartment. It seems that The Jetty suites had bought few rooms or maybe a block of it to rent out to people like us. My friend said that previously she had a night at the mahkota hotel. It was old and creepy hotel. But i told that it was new. We went in and check out. 

 And yes indeed it was newly refurbish and renovated nicely. We took the master bedroom with mahkota parade view. But there was thing that are still old. The toilet are old and so as the kitchen. 
 Look very peaceful
 Look. Two socket outlet.  lol
Second bedroom with toilet. 
 Living room with only a sofa.
 Kitchen that had a stove.

 Friday & Saturday the only two day that Jonker Street held night market. Art vendors to food vendors. And some show for old folks at the center stage. We bought everything that we want to eat that night and bought back to our hotel. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMY 

 End up can't really finish everything.

We really had a great night. We played SNAP !!! Super fun game lah with friends. We bought two poker cards over together and when the same number comes we SNAP on hand and hand. If the last one who snap on it , he/she lose ! We laughed and played like siaooooooo that night plus every loser gotta drink !

Morning about 10am++ we checked out. Headed to jonker street to have our lovely chicken rice. Chop Chung Wah. Nicest among all the chicken rice there. 

After that we went for pork satay then Nadeje. Back there when kl doesn't have nadeje. Oh yea gotta try their mushroom spagetti. Nice. Nothing to shout about Nadeje. It's as usual that nice and super many ppl Q for it. 

Bye <3 p="">

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