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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Phuket Day 1.

Did i mention about spending my time with my family at Thailand this chinese new year ? I know it's very late but late is better than never. We went to Phuket by sitting our own car. It's physically tiring but still worth it. But it's consecutively two years already. We went to koh samui last year with no regrets. Next year we might be heading to Krabi. I really love Thailand except that i don't speak Thai which is the main problem connecting with them. But anyway we can use hand language right. With almost 6-7 hours of driving to Thai customs and there we spent another 5 hours to Phuket. We of cause take turns to drive. We reached Thai in the morning and in the customs we spent some time to check in. After almost an hour of drive we stopped by at the petrol station to get some food and rest.

 I really love their 7/11. They had everything u wanted. Love that we could get our frozen food and reheat them to eat straight away. I went to HK's and Taiwan's all three of this country got all these stuff but why Malaysia tak de ni ??? And Taiwan ones got SUSHI which is my fav !! lol
 Kinda in love with this peppery flavor corn starch soup with bihun.
 Amazon cafe. Got this green Frap at only MYR5+
For this big portion ! Free wifi duh !
 Mum & dad
 Very colorful school bus.
 Pit stop after few hours of driving again. We ate this beef noodles.
Not sure about u but i can say i dislike eating beef balls except for the Ikea's one.
 Completely ZERO make up.
I gotta have my courage to post non make up picture
sometimes right ?
Hahaha just for my blog.
 Can't buy this in here duh.

We reached our hotel at around in the late afternoon.
Check in. Get some air cond.
Checking out what to play.
What's on the TV.
 My taller little brother.
 My mum and me headed to the market nearby our hotel to get us dinner. 

They sell all kind of food there.
From dessert to char siu
All items less then MYR8

Because we were late for any entertainments we din't go anywhere on the first day. Bought some beer chilled out in our living room and sleep. Plus we live kinda far from the night life spots. 

Good night !

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