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Monday, August 26, 2013

Phuket Day 2

This was a planned trip without any tours. Basically we are travelling on our own. By travelling on our own we only decide what/where to do/go on that day or before the day we wanted to be. We free to go anywhere anytime. That makes us rush free. But of cause we could't visit hot spots on our own without tour. But for me i prefer to go travel with tour. Although we need to get up early for tour but we won't hassle so much. Gotta plan this and plan that. How hassle it could be ? 

 mummy and me. Lens on. o.O

Since we still got lots of time to spend in the hotel why not utilize it ? 
Hahahaha but only three pictures available to see here.

 After Breakfast we went to the beach which took some time to get over there. Crystal clear sea water which i really liked it. And packed with all ANGMOHS !
How great could it be ? I even saw BIKINI free aunty !! hahaha Awesome right ?
Hanging her old papaya out for us to see. LOL
We din't get to go down and rent beach chairs , sit whole day reading book , listening ipod , playing sands , sun tanning , beer , and etc. 

Family without sister. 

Dad and me <3 p="">

Not many ppl swims. 

Tot of capturing that papaya for you all to see but too bad over exposed.

Donno where to go we sat down on a stall have some food.
Chill beside the sea.
Saw a really handsome angmoh !!
Better then Zac seriously.

After that we went to a mini stall to find one day tour for tmr.
We took a day tour for the next day and half day on that day.
ATV ride & Fish Spa.

While waiting for em to come we had our first foot massage in phuket.
So geli.

The ATV was not really nice for me cause i got no strength to control the bike. wtf. I literally ride it for about 5 minutes i feel like i'm going drop down the hill. FCK. Waste of money isn't ? I end up following the guide's back. I ride with him. He drive me and my sis being so Man she controlled the ATV for the whole 20minutes. -___________- idk how she did it but she did it. We ride into the forests hill and pass through a main point, we rested there and took some pictures and i don't have it literally. The view was magnificent we basically can see the whole view of the sea. And at there u can go to a really quiet beach where not many people would go there. After the ride we went for Fish spa. First time doing it. Feeeeeel super geli --

Exact time for sunset when we headed back to town.
It was so beautiful.

And our dinner again. We tapao again from the night market.
Love the quail eggs. With maggi soy sauce and pepper.

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