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Friday, August 16, 2013

S'moreS Bar + Restaurant (Groupon deal)

Forget when i dined in :( but it was during before elections time. I remember whole town were full of flags. I was going crazy when i downloaded the Groupon app on my phone. Browsed through many stuff and bought a lot where i din't have time or pictures to post it. 

Why i want to blog about it when it past so long ?
To keep my memories in my phone. Whenever i update a blogpost my phone automatically sync these pictures into my phone. I love it and i won't delete it :) 

Since it's been some time i won't say much about it. 

I booked for Wednesday that time but when i reached there the waitress told me i had my bookings on Thursday. I was like ZOMG !!! i came so far from puchong. Bangsar south is quite far from my home. Luckily the waitress told me there's a slot but we have to wait for approximately 20minutes. Well we rather wait. If i'm not wrong this groupon deal cost RM128-168. Treated my family randomly. 

 Comes with four tiger beer.
 Complimentary bread
 We ordered $ mushroom soup which doesn't comes with the deal.
 Daddy mummy
 Bf :)
 Not fancy about it i prefer broitzel's much more.
Pizza on our own expense. Tasted weird with salmon maybe.

Food : 2/5
Price : 2.5/5
Ambiance : 2/5 ( A bit noisy for families ) 
Service : 3.5/5

Unit G2, Ground Floor, 

The Sphere, Bangsarsouth,

 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hope i'm lazy for the next post :D 

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