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Saturday, February 19, 2011


hi hi hi ... Told ya that i'm going to update soon. Like so soon hor , after 12 hours. I admit. I'm bored. Let's focus on my blog post about Valentine's day. I celebrated it like 3 times unofficially called a V-day. I tot v-day should be romantic & happy & spending our time together. But no, i din't. First time, my bf treat me at The Ship. Yes The Ship but not just us. It's with his bunch of friends hor.. Fucking romantic kan with one red candle in the middle of the table sharing with my bf and his other friends. And yes i'm the only female as usual lah. No, I'm not being Sarcastic okay. I'm being truthful only.

That's me without make up @ Ikea.
I did not ordered the Valentine's day dinner.
They said it's on the eve or 14th.
So we get to eat CNY dinner only.
I found The Ship's choices of food are so little.
Not many varieties of food to choose.
Therefore i ate this,the Cny set dinner
lobster with fish and wedges.
The lobster's filling was too hard to eat.
Seriously i could't find any lobster meat to eat.
All of it was some white gravy that idk
what's it made out from.
And the fish was like Dory fish.
The cheapest fish ever lor.
Regret that i ordered this.
I prefer Victoria's steak.
This was Rib eye.
Decent but i dislike the sidelines.

That's all for The Ship and let's proceed to the day i received my V-day present. It was Valentine day's eve. I was sick and he just did his tooth extraction. So we din't go anywhere special to celebrate. Skip skip skip. Than he bring me this Godiva's chocolate. I was like speechless. hehe
Cause i never eat Godiva choco before. This was my first time. Until today i haven't try yet. Cause it's like cost RM20 for 1pc. Chocolate that's so damn expensive. I won't buy one. I rather buy cosmetics or perfume. This Godiva can buy my 30ml Gucci's perfume already lor. And perfume can keep , Godiva will shit it out lor at the end of the day.

After eating this, i can reuse the heart-shaped box.
11 pieces.
Like this one :)
This was cutest of all !

The third unofficial V-day celebration. It was about him. hehe. I was so bad :( I make fun of him which i think i won't tell due to privacy. I gave him a hardisk as V-day present but he dislike and my mum wanted and i got insufficient fund and his (bf) birthday is coming soon, therefore i gave it back to my mum. And decided to buy him one present only as birthday and valentine's day present. Heeheeee. So we went to The Garden to have our V-day dinner which this time i treat him :)

Walao. Fucking love this pasta lor.
Like i love BT's pasta !!
Okay . End of Post.
Bai !!

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