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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


(Me @ BBQ plaza)

Back to schooooooooooool
I mean my course.
1 week 4days of class after work.
One word TIRED !
Real Exam coming soon like April & June :(
Haven't study yet.
I forget everything like chap 1 -8 now.
Got 13 chapters !
It's not easy to work from 8am to 6pm
then go study.
Then Weekends also need to work.
I only rest 2days in a month.
How pity i am and yet
my course teacher tot that i'm not studying.
So i should have better score then others
oOo u
I'm more worse then your other students lor.
Dealing with long time period.
Don't take others to
compare with me.
Say what married + working.
Walao.. All of them work as OL
Work from 8.30am - 5.30am
then weekends got off.
Me ??? No at all . fucker .
Some more , she like don know we
tired from working one.
The subject can finish teaching fast
like half and hour earlier.
She doesn't want to let us back.
Always need to wait till 9pm.
Today (just now) more worst.
Can use 1 hour to teach
finish us that single subject
but she X let us back.
At there bullshit.
Ask us do exercise then she
go out do her things.
Then come back see see
then again do exercise then
she went out.
Then like until 9pm she come back
and talk talk talk.
She hor like to
Repeat Repeat & Repeat same thing!!!
Although half way she did
say who want back then
back first but who dare
to go back when you're talking
about exam things ?
Who wants to miss it ??
((Angry now))
And it's been 2days i'm driving there
Feel so sien and tired. wtf.
Now i know what my parents feel.
Want to end this course ASAP !
I need to be more hardworking
to make sure i will pass all the subject
and no FAIL in my cert !
Cause i X want to retake.
This hardworking thing starts
next month ya.. not now.. lol

Good night Guys.
Everyday need to wake up
earlier to fetch Macy school.

OH Yea !
Now I know what's the
difference between
Ron 97 & 95
Using 97 i feel more POWERFUL !!
Go Smoother Mood also nicer !
U know why i put 97?
I din't know there were no 95 pump = =
Just pay them then only realize.
It's just RM10 and i feel it !
So nice to drive !!!