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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

bullshit on gucci's salesperson.

I forget to mention about the service when i first step into Gucci. Ok. That day outfit was simple. A cardigan , singlet , shorts & a flats & a red mng bag. Just being myself. When i first step in , they were no one willing to open the door for us (went there with my babe). Open the door ? We so big ? Who r us ? Chill and let me finish first. Then i like headed to the men's site and looking through the men's wallet. Then the middle-age like saleswomen 'like' pretend to din't see me wants to see the item that i wanted to see. Then hor after few minutes some 3 young women like 20s came in. Seeing their outfit like rich girls , she came and i asked to let me take a look at that. I din't wanted to see her eyes looking down on me. (Dog eyes look down people) So through the process of buying i din't see what her expression is when i said i want that wallet. My dear did, she say that the saleswomen like shocked when i said i wanted it. I only know she become nicer after i said i want to buy that. Then i paid for it and wait a while then done. She Opened the door for me.

Why ?? Why din't open the door for us when we first came in ? Where u got nothing to do. (not that i wanted to say about that , it's just that other people like using LV those u people will open) where as we people who din't use a lv or prada u people won't open the door or come to serve or help u on something. Why on earth people will do this ? Why want to look down people ? You think u very rich ? If rich Quit your job and stay at home ! Treat people bad at first then treat people like king when they want to pay !

Why those salesperson look down on people ?
Cause they thought LV , Gucci , Prada are very expensive for people like me and think that we just see see and never intend to buy and don't disturb me aiming rich people come in. Therefore they look down on people like me. I sure know it's very expensive lah .. Why Buy Expensive stuff can be treated this way ? ? Why ? ? Your supervisor and manager or even your boss never teach you CUSTOMER IS NUMBER 1 is it ? Even though they din't buy anything , you should respect them as if they will buy something from you. We are giving u your commission you know ? And we get shitty services ?

How do you expect people to buy products from you when you are showing such action ?
Show some respect please. I hope your boss will see this . This is how your salesperson treat people who don't dress properly. They don't even care . Not just Gucci , Coach & LV too. My mum first bought her bag at LV @ Starhill , (according to my mum) that salesperson were not friendly and showing some reluctant to serve face. Then Coach (according to my friend) when my friend first ask about the bag , that salesperson just ignored her ! Is this the way u treat your customer ??? Back then , her dad called her to see that bag , then the same salesperson came and served and followed like a Dog. Why ??? Why ??? Why so realistic ? So Bullshit lor.. What kind of people also got. 狗眼看人低 ! Puii !!



  1. lol~honey~
    know what you should do?? Go make a complaint at their STORE!! let them lose their JOB je~ don't bother them!! DONT GIVE THEM FACE!!

    I when to Gucci & Prada shop before cause my friend wanted to buy wallet they don't even care us too~~
    all of us wear damn casual due we go after class.

  2. i'm not like that one lor.. lol
    It's like this de la..
    Realistic ...