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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gucci Baby

One word Sad :(
Sigh but i can't tell u all due to his privacy again.
Last post i mentioned that he doesn't like
the hardisk that he gave me right.
Same thing goes to this V-day & birthday Present.
Went to Pavilion with Jia Hui babe today.
To buy his present and hang out :)
I seriously don know what to buy for him.
And he think idk he din't read my blog wor.
This was my first Gucci which i buy for him
and not for myself.
Female's wallet is like double the price.
Damn Expensive lor.
Dad bought LV wallet for my mum.
Let's compare.
Big different lah.
LV look more prestige.
Paper quality also different !
And every time they purchase also need to
provide name and add.
Gucci no need one.
Inside LV got a cotton cloth.
Inside Gucci got a piece of junk=paper.
So big different right.
But i like Gucci more then Lv so that's it.
Bai. No mood.