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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Been drinking a lot lately.
And now , hangover happen to me.
I've been hangover for 2 days.
FML ! Hate it u know ??
How suffer it is !!
Hope i'll recover by tomorrow.
Ate/drank lotsa medicine also no use !

Mist on Friday night :)
Credit to my babe Jiahui who helped me touch up
my make up :)
It's me and my Honey bee Jia hui <3
Honey bee Annie :)
Three of us looking good !
Oh yea..
Annie said she doesn't need make up to kill boys..
JK Jk .. I made that up :P
She din't put on make up that day..
thumbs up for her !
Good night :)
Pray for my health !

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