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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthday :D

This post should have posted at the month of May. Yes yes. I'm lazy. Who cares ? lol I din't really had fun on my Birthday because of some problem. *secret* So i din't really did a post about it. Bla bla bla. I had a birthday steamboat in my own house. Which i indeed really regret to do that. So no more next time except i change my mind. After the steamboat *unhappy one*, my bf bring me to TS cause i wanted to buy my birthday present. No surprise right ? I get to choose my own birthday present. lol . I Don't really know what i want that time = = i tot i could grab some make up , clothes , heels and etc but end up NO !

That's me, figuring what to wear.
Their menu.
Nice cup !

Ok .. You gotta pay RM500 for this ugly menu if u want.
I ordered a Sashimi , Tempura set.
The prices are very expensive compared to
Zanmai or Sakae.
But i really like the tempura.
Others taste like normal.
Nicest tempura i ever taste.
They serve it cold.
Real cold !
Beef udon.
Zanmai is better ! Much more !

The services there were great. But it's too expensive for normal average person like me. Not worth for a try and i don't get it special for my birthday :( *ok ... no one to blame , cause i choose myself.
After Brunch, walked around with him. And i wanted to buy a CR bag cause i've got RM100 discount. So why not ? Haha.. I got this bag for myself which i din't really use it now. Find it very hard to carry. I like mng more :) Than he got me GC. *many stories behind , lazy to write. ;p
Discounted bag*
What a grab !
Lastly , thanks to my friends who paid me for this !
We get to choose our present :D

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