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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

This blogpost contains 3 venues , Sushi Zanmai , Chatime & Levain.
Went to KL last 2 months to collect my free movie passes from Nuffnang which i had shouted it out 2 months ago if you notice :) Luckily i know where's Maison if not i won't be able to get there and also without my friend's help , i think i could't collect it. The stupid GPS that i got was Faulty or you can said i'm a noob in using GPS or the GPS isn't friendly at all ! So we end up threw it away ! ( just joking ). So we got down from Maison and walk to a tall building and we found it finally. Nuffnang's staff are all friendly :) No joking !

That's me with the passes X4

After collecting the passes , we went to Fahrenheit 88 to have our brunch , as usual , Sushi Zanmai is our choice because the food were nice and cheap and good service too (see which outlet and what time)
Green Tea is good for Digestion.
My dear's Fav.
Salmon Don. Rm10.90
Soft Shell Crab maki. RM7.80
Egg maki. RM1.90
Me and my dear's fav.
Beef udon. RM10.90
Every time when we're here , both of us would order Beef Udon to eat :) And some other side dishes too. Every time we would complain full full full but we like too order many = = keji betul !
My 'many' is not big for you but it's a big portion for me. So don't criticize. Thanks . hahaha.
After sushi , we went to Pavilion for Chatime which we waited for 20minutes for this. Why people so addicted with it ?

Had Green Tea :D Quite nice.
After spending some time in Chatime and the time is running out because we want to skip the massive jam in KL. So we rushed to Levain , and this was the first time we went there so we don't know the road = = But end up we found it. Really like the environment there. But hard to find parking inside , therefore we parked beside the road. Next to it was a really nice well designed Japanese Restaurant and based on my observation i knew it is a very very expensive restaurant. Hmmmm.
That's me :)
The entrance.
Din't get to capture the pictures of the interior. *shy*. Okay , it's quite confusing to order. There's no menu there , we need see the list from the blackboard. Left hand side were breads and pastries which we choose and take and pay it in the counter (like normal bread shop). Then right hand side were the side we can get pralines and chocolates , the tables and chairs are behind them. Behind the counter are macaroons and cakes. I said it's confusing to order is because there's no instructions no nothing , and you see i'm an asshole that doesn't know how to ask*shy*. And they should have place a board there , 'choose macaroons and cakes here'.
My choco drink.
I found it quite tasteless. RM7.50
Babe's cake.
Din't try.
RM3.00 per pcs with purchase of 10pcs above.
Not many choices to choose like
they shows what is in the website.
I like their macaroons :)
Tea time = RM73.70 for 3 person.
Expensive then our brunch. wtf.
But we pay for what we eat :)
Khor :)
My dear <3
Pretty betul !

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie
Address : No. 7, Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After that , we head back to our house and on the way , i saw my dream car. Right after we passed Porsche retailers. It's Cayenne baby :) I like it with turbo .. hahahah .. Let me dream !!
Porsche Cayenne <3
This This This , u u u know what ?????
It's Jay Chou and Nic Tse working on their new movie !!
WTF I saw Nic acting there.
From far away. I know its him*wink*
Btw they went back to HK and Taiwan now :)
Picture of that day :)

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  1. awwww nice post ! I am drooling >.< I wan eat toooo T___T

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