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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kissaten , IOI Boulevard

Saw bloggers reviewing Kissaten long time ago. So i decided to give it a try. Well, Quite disappointing for me. Not service , not environment but the food.

The Menu.
Looking dull and old.
The environment.
I like it.
There are long tables to fit in big family or friends.
I'm sitting on the cushion part.
Normal Green Tea which
you can get in supermarket or shojikya at RM19.90 * 50s
The PRICE of this tea is ridiculous !!
Other diners only sell RM2 maximum !
***This cup of green tea doesn't state inside their MENU***
They only written there RM8.90 for one teapot of green tea
which my friend and me decided not to share.
Khor's Mushroom Soup RM6.90
The amount was very unreasonable for this price.
My friend found it quite tasteless.
Dear Jia Hui's Pasta.
The Egg yolk was very cold.
She gave it to me because she don't eat egg.
I ate it and i regretted because the egg is for her hot pasta.
I was like eating it RAW !!!
(it's cooked but Cold)

Do you know why i will choose this.
Been reading too many cheesie's post.
Her fav food is Mentaiko.
But this Mentaiko just disappoints me.
It was SO SALTY !
Like the salt no need money to buy. wtf.
Not just mine , my friend's one too.
Both of us has been complaining throughout the dinner.
Hate the olives.
I like the textures of the spaghetti.
Perfectly cook but the sauce need some improvement.
Next time go there must tell them
less SALT please.

D-G-57 & 58, Block D ,
IOI Boulevard.
Contact : 8070 6307

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