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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Thinking of a change which i hope that i will achieve it.

: To be Brave
:: To be successful
::: To change my attire
:::: To be much more sociable
::::: To be less quiet with new friends
:::: To have more outgoing friends
::: To learn new stuff
:: To be more loving
: To be independent

And stop being f.LAZY to do this that.

In fact it's not that i got no Friends at all , It just that if all of the sudden i ask some not so close friend out or long time no see friend out it would be weird for me . And keep on doubting where the i should go or not and need to think of many because i'm not a fast thinking person. I need time to absorb especially at this age. wtf. I'm almost twentyone and i feel so old already like now , my fingers are sour because i write too much and it's almost 10pm , i need to get ready for bed. Can you imagine how old am i ? Old hag . fuck

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