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Monday, January 9, 2012

What i want this year

There many things that i want this year ... This are few to name

Having a healthy life of cause not only me but everyone that i know ! Need to be healthier then you are now because we are obviously getting older duh ! lol ! And i want to weight at 40kgs - - Last year i said i wanted to achieve it but i can't ! wtf
Lies from me ! Thanks to all those freaking yummy food ! Arghhh ! I can't resist at all ..........

To have a GREAT 21st birthday party ! Because LAST YEAR SUCKS ! Like SERIOUSLY . I always hate my birthday to come because THERE IS NO SURPRISES wtf .. lol .. *Shy* i love surprises :P Other than no perfect day , i need to plan this that myself even with my boyfriend .. wtf .. Why can't he plan everything ? Because of this sucky birthday i had last year , this year i need to rock out myself ! And please don't tell me that OH , I GOT ***DRINK IN MY CAR AND THAT DOES'NT NEED TO PAY ! wtf AND GIVING ME SHITTY FACES ALL THE TIME. Damn. Anyway i hope this year will be better.

Fuck yeah i wanna go here ! MALDIVES babey ! In my dreams .. wtf .. too expensive
Btw i hope that my Taiwan trip really happen although we already bought the tickets but anything can happen right ? *pray nothing happen

This is just one part that i can think of. Or maybe just these.

-Can anyone make those cupcakes for me ? I will be so touch *wink :P

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