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Sunday, January 1, 2012

expensive vacations

Mabul island

Why can so expensive in local ? Around myr2k for non divers and myr4k for divers ? Why need to be that expensive ? Is the price meant for foreigners ? God damn i know that is very very damn nice but isn't it too expensive ? that myr2k can go places such as China and HK. If you ask me to choose i won't choose this .. i think i would choose the second in this list.

Club med Kani Maldives

Around myr6-7k per Couple inclusive of air tickets .. Isn't beauty ? And they say more 10 years this island will disappear .. So wanna go now ! Compare this with Mabul i would rather choose this .. Look at the SEA !! Hope that i win jackpot this year .. croxxfingers#

Tioman island Jalapama resort

Located in local Pahang .. I love how they design the hotels .. Pricey duh .. Up to myr2k per night .. This places at least 2 nights we gotta stay in ... Can you please be cheaper abit ?

*why island/beach vacation can be this expensive ? Arghhhh ! All also can see can't go !

why why why why why why

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