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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year Resolutions

What's your new year resolutions ?

For me ... i think i will continue to be useless stick which never ever will contribute to this world ... wtf ... Well i donno where to start about my career ... i feel sucks about it ... i want to be a successful woman but i just can't because

LAZY & only know how to talk !

I think i will stick in my mum's shop for the rest of my life ... I really donno know what i want ... I'm scare of FAILURE ... I'm not as SOCIAL as you all think i could be ... I'm shy towards new people ... wtf ... And i doesn't to end up being a normal clerk sitting in an office waiting for time to pass ... I want something challenging to do but it's too late , i doesn't have any qualifications to do other things here ... Regret choosing this stupid pathway that i don't want now ! ! ! unless thick face# go study dip in dot dot dot back but it would waste time and money .. I'm FCUKING twentyone now ! Arghhhhhhhhhhh ...

Please choose your pathway properly .. don't regret !

Conclusion .. i got no resolution this year .. Let it be !

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