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Friday, November 1, 2013

Why I want to party with Kinohimitsu

Been tagged last minute by Caro to join this awesome contest. So this is it my blog post about Kinohimitsu beauty drink.

Why I want to party with Kinohimitsu ? 

I've been wanting to try it since i knew this product from my friend. She said that it was really good for our skin and she got that glowing skin after drinking it for 7days. This party gives me an opportunity to try their product.

And i would like to try partying in the middle of the busy KL city with awesome bloggers in this very special themed event Hawaiian Luac Party. Where bloggers are allowed to dress like we're in the beach. Awesome isn't. Need not to wear formally. Casual flip flops , hawaiian shorts , bikini , white tops. How relaxing it looks like eh. Plus there are prizes to giveaway , lucky draw , goodies bag. Fantastic everyone gonna be happy baby that night. Did i mention that this party are going to held at Vila Manja SPA ? Yesh !! SPA place !!! A place to relieve your stress and have a break from your busy schedule. 

I also want to know more about the Kinohimitsu drink. What benefits can i get through this drink. And as for the results too. I really want to know more about their FREEDOM TO LIVE this slogan. How i could live better by drinking this collagen drink. I did some searching through their Kinohimitsu website products. There are many various kind of collagen drink from BB drink to block and burn. So much that u should go see it yourself. I only extract two of the best drink that i would want to try from the internet to show you all. 

My friends was telling me about this Japan BB that it will make your skin glowing youthfully. So many benefits that really suitable for dry skins , acne leave scars skin and never forget about oily skins. This is really meant for Asians skin. Dry & oily skin. 

These are the benefits of drinking this bb drink. Hydrate and lock in moisture. It's super important for all women as mostly we're in air-conditioned room. It will make our skin really dry. Isn't it powerful ? One drink can makes you look so good in every aspect.

It's eh me with Kinohimitsu BB drink. LOL thanks caro for the edit. Due to last minute post , i got no time to buy it and take some pictures of me with it.

Another product that i want to try. The very famous J'pan Beauty collagen drink.
The lower picture shows if you're having this problems you might as well as drink this to heal it.

Really want to try this because of my huge acne scars in the middle of my nose ! 
I've been to Dr. Tings at Jalan Imbi and went for two treatments and got nothing but regrowing my acne to bigger ones. WTF. And the first treatment he charged me at RM130 and second treatment at RM50-70. So damn expensive and i got nothing but scars again. 
Would try this someday when i have extra money to buy it.

Did i mention that there's a drink for guys too ? Yes for guys. Click on that link to find out more guys.

Don't forget to like their fb page here to know more about their daily updates.
And for more product info just click here to link to their webpage.
Again thanks to The Butterfly Project Community for organizing this contest.
For more info about this contest click here to see more. You still have 15hours to join this contest.
Good luck to everyone and myself.

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