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Friday, November 22, 2013


You know , people will never appreciate what you did for them. They will only remember the bad things that u did to them. As always the good side of u will never be remembered. Sad isn't in terms of every perspective in our life. From selling to friends.

Jokes. I do not take jokes sometimes when i'm down. Jokes that i hear before so many times i certainly won't accept it. I have my anger too. Don't step over the border line. Sometimes i think that jokes could be real. Only that u're joking and i can't get angry on u.

WHAT YOU DON'T LIKE DOESN'T MEAN I LIKE IT TOO. Remember what i say today. If you don't like to do certain stuff i may don't like it too !!! I'm reminding myself too , don't overly do it.

Never Complain when people don't help u. It's your own fault when you're not there when they were in trouble. So , help others so others will help u in future. Never forget this !! And i know it's quite awkward to ask people for help. If i can choose i won't ask for help. It's like begging whenever i asked for help. Why ? sigh

Why always i'm the one who voice out first? why can't u ask me first ? If i don't ask you to go out , we never will go out is it ? WHY WHY WHY also from friends to the closest ones. haih

fucking forever alone

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