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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pinto Coffee @ Janda Baik

Looking for some place to chill before heading up to Genting Highland ? There here lays a very cozy coffee shop. Greenery scene and windy all time. They serve all day breakfast too. 

My mum bought us here during hari raya. Wasn't much people. I literally think not many people knows about this place. It's in a secluded area. Drive along a two way narrow road which i think it's quite dangerous. Passes by a park and there's a sign to a homestay or motel something like that. Than up a hill and u will see this gorgeous looking wooden single storey building. That's what i could remember after few months.

It's kinda like self service here. Better to order at the counter. 

As you can see whole place is made out of wood. 

Complimentary snacks on wooden bowl.

I'm not a fan of coffee so i ordered a hot chocolate.
The price of it i could't remember but it's confirm less expensive compare to starbucks.

Yeap they serve cakes too.

This breakfast comes with a glass of orange juice

I really think it would be great to have a photoshoot here. There's a green field and a mini lake next to this coffee house. So we did took some photos outside.

3 of us and i don't care about my fat legs. lol

I look like i'm waiting for a bus to come eh.

So nice isn't. like i'm in korea. ;p
For address and details look up to their fb page.
Anyway anyone wanna bring me up again ? LOL
I can be your tour guide. ahhahaha

So after our brunch session we went up to genting.
So many people going up on that.
Well we got nothing to do there actually.
Snapped few pictures and get back to KL

Where they looking at ??

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