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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nak Won Korean BBQ @ taman danau desa

Went to Nak won yesterday for brunch with my girls. Actually i wanted to try the very famous Seoul Korea at around here too but unfortunately it was close for Renovation !! Damn i tell u , whatever i wanted to eat for a long time and finally i have the time to eat there comes renovations. Like dip and dip & Hit and mrs. wtf. 

It was 11 plus and they just start to prep stuff.

8 side dishes. I don't like their sang choi. its diff from what we usually had.
Kimchii and the marinated cucumber tasted diff.
Love the brinjal

3ply pork at RM23
Very reasonable price ! as places like daorae costs u RM28 at least.
It was fresh tho. love it

Kimchi soup not bad.
at RM15 with rice.
Better then the san deul nul version.

Fried glass noodle at RM25
Too hard to chew and a bit dry.

Complimentary egg.
Wasn't good tho but it's free. 

Marinated pork at RM26
This marinated pork was suggested by the waiter there.
Telling myself again that never order marinated food.
Because it's usually not fresh.

Complimentary barley and watermelon.

Total damage was RM89 WITHOUT ANY TAXES ! not even service charge. 

Ambiance : a little bit too dirty i feel. there's oil dripping underneath our table.
Service : 3.5/5 abit slow.
Food : 3/5
Price : 3.5/5
Gonna come back for more for sure :) 

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