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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Shogun's sushi taste kinda awful now.
ate @ sunway outlet.
long time dint update d.. sorry guys. i admit that im lazy.. hehe
been busy lately, even if i have time i dint bother to update cause nth special to write
# presented 2 presentation - managing & english
# ate at shogun~wuuhhuuu~bao sei
# my butt hit by a myvi
# watched -gamer, perfect getaway, sorority row & surrogates
# celebrated Annie's birthday at Bar celona
# final exam coming soon - 29 - 30/10- 2/11
# bro's marry at 31st/10. no time to prepare for account's test.
# no time for my babes cux timetable not same.
err .. hope that i dint miss out anything.

Just stand up

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