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Saturday, October 24, 2009

chicken hot pot

arggghhh.. as i say i was waiting for him yesterday waited from 8pm till 9pm.. ishhh ..
Dye his hair without telling me when i called him. The movie starts at 10pm. He arrived at 9something and his phone was spoiled. He cant contact me and he honked. Waited outside abt 10minutes. lol . sorry . Luckily Grandma heard and open the gate for him. Miss the movie than. That means 3weeks dint go for movies d. End up eating chicken hot pot (kai kong pou) at bandar puteri. Not nice at all and expensive. A small pot for 2 cost us RM18.80. If want to add vege or meat need to add money. Some more charge us 5% service charge. Not worth it at all duh.

Boring tonight. He went to Genting with his friends. Planned to ask my babes out but failed because San's got some problem happened. Sigh. +She's not going Melaka to celebrate Joanne's birthday. I guess this plan will be cancelling again. Its okay. Not the 1st time. We failed to have 1thing. That is CAR. None of us has our own car that can travel long distance. Even for my college friends. Always plan to go out for holiday but cant because of transportation. zzz.

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