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Thursday, October 22, 2009


-worrying about my marks for managing. I regret that i dint study for test 1 and i only get 1% for that. My individual assignment got just passing mark and overall its very low. I need to get a very high mark for final exam. Hope she will give kesian marks for me. lol. She wont. haix. Whenever comes to exam i hate it. Im lazy to study dah . Mum dont let me change course. aiks. imma wasting her money duh. Sorry dear mummy. Im sure that i will work hard for final. haiz.

-Accounts, idk about the marks. Nothing much , i just wanna pass. Last time secondary school i freaking loves accounts.Always compare my result with others make me even wanna score higher marks all the time but cant. haix. Now the format changed to english and the lecturer sucks make me even don wanna study for it. Lucky that i have the basic for it if not imma 'die' for another subject.

-English 2. Get 43/60%. What a lovely lecturer. 25 years old. Whenever im in the class i'll ask, miss, finish can go back ? lol . They make a farewell party today i guess without informing me. I guess in D2, imma not that important. Anyway idc. This is what called a friend. Maybe skipped her class and they dint inform. Thanks for the marks. Love ya ~ haha

My quote for friends ~

They find me when they need me,They abandoned me when they don't need me. Well,this is what Friend means =)

Copied from Ariel's friend YUhang.
Idk whether its true for you guys a not but for me yes and imma like that too (depends) A very bad impression from my friends and me. I dare to say that i have never had a long lasting friend but i love them very much especially my secondary friends. Im very stupid that i did something wrong last time. I dint even think about it i did such thing out. Sigh. Nevermind, it had already been past and we're good now =) They hurt me with their every single words and expressions. I think they never think of me and they are selfish. Well every single human in this world are selfish. Too much friends are consider bad at college. You will never understand until you step into my shoes and feel it.

My quote for my family~
At the end of the day, a loving family should find everything forgivable.
by Mark V. Olsen and Will Sheffer
Whenever i need them they will be helping me all the time. Today i had an awful stomachache. They were so busy and have no time for me. My sis used her uniform for me as blanket but i beg her to take panadol for me she won't. zzz. Nice and bad. lol. After i ate the panadol, i vomited and i even cry for it. Before i cry , mum ask to see the doctor. Than went out ate some fried rice of my sis's. Feel better ~ yummy. Lol dad crap = = Forget what he say just remember that he said i close the curtain the other day with my dear. wth ! i dint close it la.. I say wanna drink some hot milk he say not good to drink now. Lovely. My lil bro helped me tapau food and pour it out. As for my elder bro, i treated him orange juice from what i vomited lol . Its color was orange with some chili i ate in the morning. I never taste that pain in my 18 years life before. So sick, make me feel very cold + pain. Damn awful. arghhh.. Well my quote for my bf is almost the same. Sometimes we argue for nothing. i hate to argue. Well I LOVE YOU guys =) hugs & kisses.

Meet me halfway.


  1. where got argue???
    love u always^^

  2. 'Well my quote for my bf is almost the same. Sometimes we argue for nothing. i hate to argue'
    wah lao so long duh... nthng 2 write about me... zzz
    we din close it lor aduh...

  3. zzz..
    later i write jor banyak comment.. tak mau
    i know la..

  4. banyak comment xbaik????