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Friday, October 23, 2009


Idk write what for this post.
Im waiting for my dear to come.
Wondering what time he'll arrive. Hmmm.
The other day at bar ce =) what a great night.
Saw my babe Caroline & long lost friend Kah Yan.
Dance with them *wild xP.
I love to parthaaaaaay again after that night but can't.. lol ..
Parents & as well as my dear.
I don't allowed him to go at the 1st place.
So both of us can't go without each other but not the other night.
He did not go because its Annie birthday & several reasons.
hmmm. I don't really like to go club with my bf. Idk why.
There are no reason for it and i seriously don't like dance with boys.
Ishh .. They just like to take my taufu. zzz. Don't simply touch me.
That night give few guys take water. hatex.
I know for many girls its okay for them but for me its not.
Idk why and i will feel guilty if i let that happen.
Im kinda blur that night.
Vomited at their table without anyone's help.
Lucky there's a guy(anonymous) helped me. Thank god=) love u.
After vomited i left bar ce and went back home.
Drank about 6 cups and i did not drunk =) yeappi

We had fought several times because of clubbing matters.
I seriously don know why i dont like u to go or go with me.
I like to go with my babes only.
Maybe im worry. Idk.
hmmm. thats all for it.

#Saya tak ada duit dah.
#Saya tak ada masa untuk sedia accounts punya ujian.
#Sudah banyak lama tak ada pergi movie. 2weeks d. Hari ini pertama kali tengok.
#Saya sudah GEMUK!!
#Saya rindu babes aku~
#Banyak orang birthday, 12345678910
#Tolonglah jangan add saya dekat fb (for anonymous)
#Saya ingin cari part time. 1hari RM100 duh
#Saya ingin pergi melancong dengan kawan.
#Hope Joanne's plan success. Heeehee
#Abang aku kahwin @31/10/09
#Ada baru punya cupboard untuk saya XD
#Kereta kasi orang hit butt.
~ Hope my family and dear are save & healthy ~ Friendship forever ~ I LOVE YOU ~



  1. wat the... anonymous.... love him lagi duh...

  2. hui~~ur bro marry on 31st oct ar~!!this saturday lo??