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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Law abiding citizen


Got 13minutes more to update my blog =) Went to Kl to shop with my sis. We sat Monorail to get there. Actually wanna sit LRT but bro's wanna use d car. Drove until Kuen Cheng Girls school there let us off and walk to the opposite's monorail. Wearing skirt and 1'' heels. zzz. If know, wont wear this type. Zao kong sai jor. Lucky sometimes at escalator my sis help me to cover up. lol. As if we sat LRT, we need to walk about 3minutes distance to get to TS if u don't wanna use the Monorail. And that road kinda dangerous. We sat Monorail, its easy cux no need to walk that far but monorail pack like shit especially peak hour. As soon as we reached there , we went to 6th floor to have our lunch, Korean. Damn long dint eat d. After that only walk around and look for our things. Nothing special as their clothes cant try at all. Bought lil things back only. About 5pm, dear came and fetched us back~Tired duh. About 6pm we reached home. And 2nd round went to The Curve to watch Law Abiding Citizen which we missed the other day.
Reached there and get our tickets, they say don have. Maybe we ffk them many times d, So the ticket sold out or what so ever. We bought couple seat instead. Still got about an hour, we walk & walk. Dono where to go. At last went to MCD to eat. I ate Sundae =) Just in time.

The movie, its nice but the ending kinda disappointed as my dear told. I think its okay for me. This movie will get u shocked & scared at some scene. Gerard has a great body figure =)

Still got 1minute. Good night bloggie & happy birthday Goo kar. My primary school friend.


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