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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ANGER on the road

I'm Fucking Angry !!!!!
This fucking SELFISH Indian lady
make my day Sucks !
I'm trying to change myself on the road.
Being polite on the road and so on.
Trying not to care those fucking reckless driver
that don't flip their signals when
they want to Overtake others.
THEY made me think
WHY should i flip, where others did not flip as well ?
Especially those 'orang tua' or middle age !
You people should give us a good ROLE MODEL
while driving like the most important one,
must FLIP signals !
You people doesn't want to flip also ,
how do you expect we younger generation to flip !?
You're a bad role model man !
BAD ROLE MODEL .asshole.

Some more those INDIAN fellas think
they are the KING of the road.
You guys aren't okay ??!!
We paid road tax too !
There are many cases like this ,
When they think they flip their SIGNAL,
people will let them overtake them.
And without double check or what
they will go past it !
Fair ?? No okay !
What if u hit down a motorist ?
This 2 Chinese fellas accidentally
hit 2 Indian motorist ,
Just after few minutes whole gang of Indian guys
come over and beat the Chinese guys up .
The Indian guy suddenly come out
from the T-Junction when this Chinese guy
trying to drive ahead on the road.
Who's fault ???
Why want to beat them up ??
It's your fucking fault okay !
(I'm not racism)

Some MODIFIED car owner
are The MOST idiot people on the road.
Their modified car are very Annoying
by the look , sound and etc .
Especially those with the BROOooooM noise.
They think they are very cool or 'yeng'.
WTF . no okay .
It's fucking noisy !

So why am I so angry ?
Scroll down and see the picture that i
drew using Paint and edited using PhotoScape.
This Indian lady stopped at bus stop
which it's illegal (from 1)
Then she suddenly drive out
without my knowledge cause she din't
FLIP her Signals (from 2)
I'm driving quite fast around 70-80km/j
On the other hand , this Black myvi
want to overtake the same lane as ours !
Then i HONKED ! this fucking Indian lady
din't even want to stop her fucking car !
She still can laugh out man !
If i really hit u , i won't pay you.
You don't think i will pay cash
and act like nothing happened !
Although i hit you and it's my fault
cause i hit you , well i don't give a damn
cause you're the one who din't flip signal !
What ? you think i'm god is it ?
I know when you wanna come out
and when you don't want is it ?
You fucking retarded is it ?
Your hand broken is it ?
You blind is it ?
Damn ! 'hou lan foh lor'
You 'man man' wait for your insurance to claim lah.
Learn to FLIP your signals !


  1. err...this is kinda off-topic..
    but, did u came to serdang this afternoon?
    haha :D

  2. can be a friend?=]