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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pizza Hut’s Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza

I think most of u had heard about this before.
Saw this from nuffnang
and from the newspaper.
And even from my friends,
saying that this cheesy pizza is
Therefore i asked my family to
bring me to the nearest Pizza Hut restaurant.
I'm living in Puchong.
We headed to IOI mall to dine in.
Just in Puchong , PH got 4 outlets.
How convenient it is huh.

PH : Crazy about Cheese ?
Me : Yes !!!
PH : Go wild with the brand new
bake to perfection Cheesy 6 pizza !
Me : Hummmm , Are you sure it's nice ?
I'm a picky person when it's about cheeseeeeee !
You know what ? Cheese is like Cocaine to me !
I need to have it like everyday :)
PH : I'm sure after u eat it , you will order up
moreeeeeeeeeeeeee to enjoy !
Me : Okay :D We'll see

With only RM38.00 ,
you can enjoy 6 types of cheeses
and other side dishes as well !
What a bargain ! Steal !!!
RM38.00 for 4 person !
Some more , you need to add RM3 for your
Favorite Toppings :) Hawaii chicken .. yay
Want to try the Cheesy 6 pizza only ?
Use Maybankard to enjoy 30% off
for Ala carte pizza only.
PH : Let me tell you about our
Cheesy 6 pizza's Cheeseeee while you're waiting.
There's 6 types of cheese in this pizza.
( Click the link to learn more )
Me : Nice , All the cheeses that PH uses
are all good for our health .
So no worries about eating it !
Let me show you guys how we had our Cheesy 6
7-up to cool us down ~
My lil bro , He can't wait to try
Cheesy 6 lor
Mushroom soup !
My favorite ...
You can see how i'm a die hard fans
of cheeeeeeeeese !
So niceeeeee
I mean the soup.. hehe
Garlic bread.

He was so freaking damn exciting
when the pizza had arrived.

Scrumptious !!
Look at the amount of cheese they've put !
OMG ..
I'm hungry already :(
Tempting !!!
All 6 cheeses in it .

The bread was so crunchy . Nice man .
How far you can pull your cheese ?
Wanna challenge me ? Jk .. keekekek
My lil bro said
Let me Introduce u
Cheesy 6 pizza.
This is my way of modelling with it :D
Role 1 : Smile and point happily with it :D
Role 2 : Ready to say CHEEESEEEEE
to the camera !
Role 3 : Pose a very sexy pose !
Role 4 : Open my big mouth to eat
the whole slice one shot ! yay
Role 5 : Act very delightful, make people jealous :X
He said : I want the last bite pleaseeeeee
Me : Show me a sexy pose , i'll give u !
He : Sexy enough for u ? TT
Me : Hell yeah !! all up for my PH post . hehe
PH : How's your meal , miss.
Me : Very very very tasty and awesome !
Well , i glad that i tried this and
thanks for the story :D
I'll come back for more.
PH : It's part of my job ,
Have a nice day. Thank you.
Me : Welcome :))))
Today's a good day with my family
Cause we had dinner together at Pizza Hut.
Well a great place for Reunion :D

How's your Cheesy 6 story ?
Have you try it yet ?



  1. Yummy! I love cheesy pizza! Oh my I'm craving now!

  2. Only RM$38.90 for d whole meal? Damn! Why here is so darn expensive? I want to live in M'sia eh...hehehe. Hevnt seen d menu yet in Brunei wen i last ordered m anxious to try it too ^^

  3. Maria : Yea :D i'm craving it too ~

    Theeggyolks : Good luck too :D

    Mizarwen : Hahah .. Come visit Malaysia :D Alots of cheap stuff here :)Go try the new one now :D

    Hazman : Me too :D heheh

    TehTarik : Thanks :) Good luck too ~