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Saturday, November 20, 2010

TENJI 2 @ Puchong outlet

Bonjour everyone :D
First of all , i would like to say thank you to
readers who dropped by here.
And especially those leave me comments :)
Appreciated it ~
Secondly , i'm going to DELETE the
CHAT BOX (sooner or later) , since i neglected it.
I'm sorry that i never reply anyone of you.
But please, please , leave a comment here.
I promise to reply you ;)
I promise to b.walk after my line gets better.
It's like so so so long i never visit
you guy's blogs. hehe
(i hope i din't write this for myself)
Third thing, nothing to proud of for u all.
I drove myself all the way to KL alone !!!
hehehe .. First time , i'm like so independent.
Some more , i got myself some food from Petaling street
after exam ... 3 food that never miss if u're there.
1st : Four eyed roasted duck ! Best in town.
2nd : Longan Drink ~ as everyone also know.
3rd : Mua's favorite . Roasted Chestnut.
(Opposite Longan drink)
It's a quite expensive snack.
RM10 for 500grams if i'm not wrong.
But worth it lor .. damn nice u know.
And hor i saw whole bunch of
Japanese Student that day.
First expression when i still
donno they were Japanese.
Wah ... Why their uniform damn cool and nice ?
Which school they study at ?
I thought KL got private school
that let them wear like that.
Their School uniform it's like sailormoon's one.
Than , jalan jalan and heard them
speaking JAPANESE language.
So envy ~ School trip to other country ?
ENVY !!!!! Awesome if it is school trip lor.

That's it for now ~
Scroll down to read and focus about this post.
Tenji 2 , sounds familiar huh ?
It's Tenji lah . The main branch is at Solaris.
Tenji 2 is at Puchong , Bandar Puteri.
Went there with my family.
(soft opening that day)
RM66 per person.
Gotta go up to enjoy their buffet.
Nice bamboo trees. Fake geh i guess.
The seats.
The seats sucks !
How inconvenient it was.
Imagine the last person that wanna
get her/his food.
The front people need to wake up
and let the 4th person pass through.
My mum keep on complaining
about the tables.
This whole Steamed Fish was a free give
from Tenji2 , new opening gift wor.
We got a chance to choose our fish.
This is the lane that u can find
sushi , soba , udon ,
sashimi , oyster , crabs
Mostly fresh japanese food lah.
Salmon aku punya favorite.
Salmon is like Cocaine to me.
I wonder is there any Salmon icecream
I wanna try @@
I'm not a big fan of raw oysters.
Feel like wanna puke if i eat them.
My bro said that it was not fresh.
Crab's leg.
This crab's leg , you gotta take it before it runs out.
Crabs ~ Non of us wanna eat it
because of it's too inconvenient to eat it.
Will get our hands dirty.
it's SALMON babeh !!
And i like the fresh scallop too.
The one hiding below the octopus.
Very fresh lor ~
Donno what's it
This is the lane that u can get
Dim sum, rice ,
chinese food ,
western food those ~
Is that a lobster ?
The fresh ebiko egg was
freshly put by the chef.
So many !
This is the lane that you can get
Fried food , terpanyaki.
We sat just in front of it.
So our body its like so damn
freaking smelly after we get out from there.
Beef .. I prefer midori's one.
I uploaded all of the pictures
but left out the dessert photo.
I'm lazy to upload it again.
The dessert.
Disappointed lor.
Here there got only 2 choices.
1st one , forget whether it was walls or nestle ice-cream.
2nd was Haagen Daz.
The Solaris outlet got 3types of ice-cream lor
BR , Kindori and Haagen Daz !
Here .. Sigh ..
No many varieties of biscuit also.
This is the lane that you can get
Steamboat ~
Our choices of veges
And my favorite !!
Beef .. Wah so nice when the meat melts into your mouth.
Food : 3/5
Ambiance : 2.5/5
Service : 4.8/5

-Not many choices compared to Tenji @ Solaris.
= The Soba real Sucks !
There is no side dishes for it
And the Soba noodles were not fresh.
I can't finish it after 2 bites.
= The thick cream soup tasted sour.
= my elder bro said that the oysters weren't fresh.

-No need to compare also know
which outlet's ambiance more nice lah.
= The seats Sucks okay.
How can you expect people to sit
this way when this is a buffet style ?

-Their service is real good why i don't give them full marks ?
Because i asked them to lower the air-cond
temperature and they said okay.
After a while , the air-cond's temperature
did not change at all. Still very cold.

If compare to Solaris outlet.
I would prefer to eat at Solaris.
The price is the same
on Mon-Thurs with promo.
Buy 1 , 2nd at 50%.
Count and divide into 2 and see.
Same right ?

I'm so small gas. hehehe

Btw My brother's wife born a GIRL !!
Yay .. She freaking damn Cute lor !!!
Congrats bro !!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Congrats havin a new niece, Sarah. So overall not like Tenji at dat place u happen to noe Halal Japanese Rest in KL?

  2. i went there that day !
    i thinks i saw you with your family .
    but then , we got food poisoning after that !
    the seafood is not fresh !

  3. thanks to god lucky i view you comment iam planning to go for lunch with my family food not so extractive i think better go to shogan instead

  4. Mizarwen : Thanks :D erm .. i'm not sure those japanese restaurant that i frequently visit is halal a not .. but check here .. .. lots of them are halal :D coming to KL ?

    Koh : Seriously , u saw me ?
    i'm sorry to hear that but it's okay with me.. maybe i din't really try seafood other then sashimi .. take care..

    May : shogun's good :D

  5. We recommend a gratuity of 15-20% and we don't think it's accurate to estimate a waiter's average hourly wage based on how much time a waiter appears to spend during one particular meal. Even if a waiter spends only 15 minutes on a particular patron during dinner time, that may be the busiest time of the entire week, and the waiter may be counting on those tips to compensate for slower periods. Also, tips are sometimes shared among other employees, such as the kitchen and bus staff. Sushi Naples

  6. Good Day Sarah,
    Thank you for sharing your experience at this brand new restaurant.

    Did you went to Tenji Puchong on the first day it opened?

    Regarding the long crabs' legs that quickly ran out as in the 10th picture and the thorny crabs (behind the flower crabs in the 11th picture), are these special crabs provided only on that soft-opening day or available in Tenji Puchong everyday?
    though you prefer Tenji Solaris over Tenji Puchong but Tenji Solari does not provide these special crabs. :(

    Much thanks for sharing.

  7. Anonymous.
    Nope , Soft opening for lunch were on weekdays and it's 50% of the price. But i can't make it :(I went there on Saturday(third day of opening)It's a part of soft opening too .

    I'm not sure about that crab thing.
    Yea.. True about that , i din't see them when i dined in Solaris. This might attract you to dine in Tenji Puchong.

    Well give it a try . They might improve after all.

    Thanks for reading :)

  8. hi...
    Can give some hint where tenji 2 at puchong???

  9. I should get their name card next time :)
    Erm .. u know where's Gorgeous fitness ? or The Indian Restaurant Rathaa ? Tenji is in between them. Or Behind Lence academy.

  10. hi.....
    can i know for this restaurant,halal or non?,sarah?