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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Baby ~

Baby Lee , say hello to all my readers :P
Wooooots , she looks like wanna scare u all
more then wanna say hello XD
She's so so so so so Cute !!
Hehe and very freaking tiny.
She got the smoothest & softest skin in the world ! lol
She's my bro's daughter.
Few weeks old only.
She looks exactly like my brother !!
Especially her lips.. damn cute :)

Short update.
I blog walked to some random bloggers
in my chat box.
I decided not to delete it
cause sometimes i can b.walk
whenever i wanted too :D
But i won't reply whatever you all say
unless it's like ermmmm
important or close friends stuff.
I'm lazy lah .. hope u all understands.
I'll reply comments only.

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