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Sunday, March 6, 2011


I'm Tired.
Whole week din't really rest properly.
Monday-Work & Night Class
Tuesday-Work & Night Class
Wednesday-Work & Night Class
Thursday-Work, T.Walker & Snowflake
Friday-Work, Night Class & Snowflake
Today-Work, Bak kut teh, Snowflake & S. One
Tomorrow-Work & Outing.
Whole week also not free.
But i likey :) Cause it's better then
stay at home doing nothing :(
You see Combo 3days Snowflake.
Diabetes coming soon. wtf
Gotta quit eating Snowflake.
3days combo also eat same thing.
Best Seller add pearls or taro.
I only like to eat that :)

Btw , i'm in foursquare now.
Follow me if u want.
Good night :)

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