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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Genting ~

Hi ya :)
Went to genting with bf last week.
I really love there.
Chill & Cool except the process of going up
and going back that time.
Dizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy !

It's me while waiting for me
at outside with 30degrees hot &
am wearing a quite thick blazer.
#2Hate my right eye.
Always it's the smaller one.
#3 Ilikeythis.
How about u ?
#4 reach there.
Tot that i could stand the cool
temperature there but i could't :(
#5 therefore , wear back my blazer
and scarf back :)
#6Ate our brunch at Pizza Factory.
Quite sucks and expensive.
#7suxkest pizza ever had.
#8ok ok la.
#8 view from the restaurant.
#9 After brunch we went for 4D movie.
Then went out to camwhored :)
#10 Forget what he's like doing - -
#11 Ignore my dry lips.
#12 our first time :)
I like the black one.
#13 His birthday cake. lol
#14 His mocha and my green tea.
#15 i love greeeeeeeeeeen tea :)
#16 ok ok . that's me when i was like 12year old.
Then i took some slimming pills.
After few weeks , i started to slim down.
And slowly i become like me now.
The slimming pills was good and proven effective.
#17 i like to act sexy but PHAILED !!!
Last but not least my LANCI face!!
Want punch me ? Come !!!

Gotta to prepare to go out now.
I like to go out :P

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