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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wishlist 2011

Finally , i got inspiration for what i want for my 2011 wishlist post.
Well, of cause it's expensive stuff. If not why do you call it Wishlist if you could get it easily ? For me , i gotta count , count & count whether i could really afford it a not. I intend to let people see what's my wishlist is because some people can buy it for me. hehehe. No lah.. First up is Gucci's bag.
#1 Gucci bag
I like this version , large one. If i'm not wrong the retail price selling at Malaysia is RM3300. I'm not sure also. Just heard from people. Very expensive right ? What is Wishlist again ??? It's just a bag named Gucci and selling at RM3300. 3k for a bag ? Worth it ? Worth it if i buy it at UK cause a lot cheaper there ! But no chance to get it. I never have a chance to go there lah. I wish to get this before my 21st birthday which means next year.
This is my alternative choice.
Quite nice :)
#2 wallet.
Yes i like to have a Gucci wallet too :)
#2 Alternative choice.
#3 Ferragamo's perfume :)
This is a sign for my friends. lol lol lol
I hope they can get me this.
(although i know they not reading)
Most of them donno i got blog one.
Wtf . lol
Plus I only like Flora type of perfume.
Not too sweet , not too mature.
I haven't try on these brand that i mention.
#3 Alternative choice
CAMERA. Canon's one. IXUS220HS
Latest product from Canon. Retail price at RM999 ! 12.1 megapixel. 5x zoom. Got 6 creative filters. Toy camera effect, Monochrome, Miniature, Super vivid, FISH-EYE Effect & Poster effect. I really like fish eye effect lor. If u get the lens only (for dslr) cost about 2k. Now for Rm999 you can have one too with other features ! One camera got multi-functions and below 1k. Where to find ??? lols. Too excited about it. haha. yes i know , i already got my TX5 last year and it still haven't spoil and outdated yet. What's the problem of having many camera leh ? Really want to get this lor but people will say what waste money and yes i also no money now -___- Sigh. Can see cannot use. so pity ! Some more hor, tmr my dad will borrow my camera go China. And what if i need to use ?? Lols . More better then less. And now i dislike bringing DSLR out cause very Bulky and heavy ! How to put inside bag.

That's all. Wait until i win lottery money only buy all of my wishlist back.lols
Tata ~

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