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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sushi Zanmai

Greeting from Me at home -____-

Well , i think this is the first post i write about Sushi Zanmai. I really like their food which i think it's much more Nicer then Sakae Sushi. The price are reasonable. Service was Quite good (depends on which outlet u go).
Talk about Sunway outlet. Every time i visit the place , i need to wait at least 10-15minutes to be seated. Well , fair enough cause i went there like after office hours , and dinner time. Everything was super fast except one thing my BEEF UDON. One of my fav food at there. Every time i order i need to wait at least like 20 minutes for it ! So people were waiting for my place and im waiting for my Udon. I don know why it takes so long to make it. I ordered earlier than the customer sitting beside me, their beef sukiyaki come first but not my UDON . FU ! The stupid beef sukiyaki is expensive then my udon so ? but why ? Not first come first serve meh ? I need to ask the waiter TWICE only they help me to make ! Not ONCE it's TWICE !!! FU !!! Some more , every time my bf finish his food my Udon also have't come yet ! This is the thing that i really hate to eat at Sunway outlet. Why eat there huh ? Cause this is the only outlet near my house.

I dined-in before at Lowyat and Fah88 outlet, both were FAST & Efficient ! Why Sunway outlet like this ??? Tell me why !!! ???? I don't understand !!!!!!

I REALLY LOVE SUSHI ZANMAI BUT THEY HATE ME (sunway outlet beef udon) lol

Below pictures was taken and ate at Fah88.
Nice ambiance and good service and Efficient then Sunway la confirm.
I donno how's like now cause i dined in like one month ago.
Cucumber sushi.
Prawn donno what.
I doesn't like the taste.
This is worth to try !
F. nice la
My first udon tryout at The Garden's Zen sushi (if im not wrong) which under the branch Sushi Zanmai , just donno why they change their name and their menu a lil different. Love at First taste :)
Than i kept ordering Beef udon to eat ! Damn nice.
These udon pic was just part of my 1/3.
I'm a die hard fans of Zanmai's udon !
It's a must order when i visit Zanmai now :)

*Zanmai udon's is better then else where i had consumed*


  1. for sushi zanmai~ u must try the toro salmon ~so nice~ the combination of toro and salmon.
    and also the beef rice~my favorite

  2. Sharon : I'll try one day :))

    id-yansoft : it's very delicious !