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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Malacca short trip :)

My promised Malacca trip post !
Finally .. teeheeee
Let the pictures to the talking <3
Having dim sum nearby my house before heading out.
Bla bla bla
After a storm of rain we finally reached.
Headed to Donald & lily for some snacks.
Tupai , Tuck poh & Kai mun.
Love their assam fish.
5 of us.
Spot us :)
Me. Darn hot
Durian cendol after donald and lily
This is actually quite nice.
Another me :)
My dear <3

Rented a small room to rest.
My super 38 girlfriend.
She is going Uk to study abroad soon.
Starting to miss her voice already :(
Another pic :)
3 of us !
Again :)
Dint even visit red house.
We pass by , by CAR.
Heading to Nadeje.
their menu.
Surprisingly , there are many choices of Food to eat.
I thought their specialty was only layer cake.

RM9.50 onward's per piece.
Our drinks.
Another me heading to Satay celup
after High tea at Nadeje.

It was 5 something.
We waited like for 1.5hours for it.
I donno what so special about it.jibai
Not patience me with patience them.
All i-rians
ok la .. quite nice
but if u ask me to wait 1.5hours again

Hearts :)
After that , we headed to night market.
Fav . . . stall
Oyster omelette. Jeng...
Headed back to room to get some rest
and check out and
End of trip/post.

11days to my final exam.
And i don even know a single thing.
This time seriously going to fail*touchwood.
And later , still going shopping .wtf.

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