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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Our 2nd Anniversary.
Nothing special.
Went to Pavilion ... wtf ... how special right ?
Let the pictures do the talking !

Dined in , in Santouka
famous for it's ramen
recommended by a well known blogger.....
RM3.90-RM4.90 per pot.
Okay ... i bought it for RM0.50 per
how good !
bla bla bla
Bf with his spicy ramen but not spicy at all !
The price for this is quite expensive
and i don't think it's worth it at all lor...
Donno what to eat ... So i called this...
(major ramen/sets still not available yet)
And the price are quite expensive and yet not fulfilling.
Bf's ramen taste like maggi ok ok.. better then maggi.
Like seriously !!
Mine quite ok .. but i the salmon was too salty.
I donno how to comment about this.
This is charred obviously.
nvm but it's kinda tasteless.

Santouka is actually located
in the 6th floor at Pavilion.
Donno why every time i visit 6th floor ,
this restaurant are packed like hell = =
Need to q some more.

The price are not worth it for the taste nor portion.
That's all . Never believe bloggers. hahaha

A view of it.

After lunch or brunch or whatever
cause this happens last month.
Watched movie.
After movie dinner :)
At Gaucho Argentina Steak House.
And u know what ?
We r walking there from pavilion
with not so comfy heels. wtf

Ordered this set.
Which i think this is super
duper affordable and worth it !
Better then water .. lol
My choice of salad and fruit.
Weird corn soup.
Tasteless actually.
Ordered Lemon donno what = =
First up, rice.
With steam fish... wtf... Scares me and i thought that
my steak would be very small.
My bf's rib eye.
And this is mine :)
Sirlion steak. Comes in a set.
I feel so lucky that time
cause i ordered this ..
This ramadhan set actually
can fit in for 2 persons lor..
His not so value set. lol
And my value set... wohooo.

I like medium rare. wtf
Delicous betul !!!
Can you see how thick it was ?
I have tried VS's steak , The Ship and etc
Nothing beats Gaucho !
Thick and juicy and there's a bbq fragrant on it !
RM79 , rice , fish , steak , drink , dessert , soup , salad.
Where to find ? lol
Not so tasty dessert ! So full to fit this in.
So we ate it halfway only.

OTW back to Pavilion to get our car.
Walk through hermes signboard
and i face-thick go take picture with it...

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