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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chriselle Inc & Wendy

Got into 'fashion' lately but not so famous fashion that i'm looking on. Not Gucci , not Zang Toi , not Dior and etc. I'm stalking Chriselle & Wendy. Love how they dress up themselves. Their outfits , style ! But unfortunately , i can't afford to buy what they are wearing. Therefore , i carry one word with me , Envy . Or i will buy some similar cheap apparels to dress up like them. Sigh .. i can't ... Cause i just bought whole lot of clothes that 99% doesn't even look like what they are wearing. And i could't afford to buy anymore ! Will do a mini haul what i bought soon :) Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love to shop !

Really like how she doll herself up.
And yes , She feel naked without accessories.
Accessories is important !

Loove this outfit so much !
I like the striped top !
I can't buy Hermes. wtf
Loving this sequin dress.
My fav of the all.
Eye catching pink color blazer is love .
Cool isn't ?
I wish to be that tall and skinny !
Look good on everything !

Wendy Nguyen
Another fashion guru that i'm stalking.

Her heels <3
A simple long sleeve grey top
combine with a long skinny blue jeans.
Fabulous and i don't dare because of that color.
Simple and clean.
I'm loving NUDE heels !!
Nude heels can actually elongate your legs !
love her nude heels.

I'm loving blazer too !
Pop color blazer or white blazer
are fantastic !

If only i got their body.


  1. you should dress up like them too :D you got their look alike body !

  2. every style u're waring look adorable! i love them all.