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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Overall thailand

Because of system down in my blogspot here , i'm lazy to upload pictures - - too much. So , i only upload the one i like.

With RM1 pandan leaf flower.. nice ! i love thailand so much now !

At Hatyai not massage then is visiting temples. damn hot

SPOT ANYTHING ? @kohsamui grandpa rock

I WANT MY BODY BACK ! Every year after CNY , my weight confirm will gain like a swine ! f.

Kayaking @ Koh Samui . Fucking regret din't hear what the instructor said. He was really friendly because he happens to know my mum , She went there twice meeting the same people. zzz . He asked me to share the kayak boat with my sis and bro but my sis and i say if i sit in the middle , i can't kayak. So i changed with my mum's friend. Her family 3 person , me & my sis , my bro & their son. WTF. Biggest regret of my life. OTW back to the ferry , my sis & i could't take it anymore and we relied on my bro's team - - we pulled their string to move. We were the last one on board and the stupid ferry driver honked us. So fucking embarrassing ! Those fucking angmoh laugh at us :( The verdict is always listen to your instructor !

Hope to go there again. Really love there. The surrounding , people , food JENG. I don't really care i became tan like nicki minaj , as long as i bring a sun protector there ! I see all tourist are either Europeans or China people. No Thais at all unless the people working there. Next time if i get a chance to go , i sure will join the forest thingy. look interesting !

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