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Monday, March 26, 2012

Valentine's post

Due to my laziness and my faulty thingy that idk what the hell happened to my 'post' , every time when i upload pictures there's those link there but not pictures , last time whenever i upload the pictures will pop out for me to review but now now all words that mother of god knows how to read. wtf . WHO CAN HELP :( sigh

masuk title
Went to YUZU for the first time. Quite disappointing.

Their Menu. Not so interesting

I think this 6piece cause 30-40

Bf's wagyu beef rice. RM40+
The beef was very nice and tender.

Seasonal sashimi RM180
What fugu what expensive fish , = =
I rather eat salmon , tuna & the white fish. wtf

My set RM50+
I really like this kind of set meal but isn't a little expensive ?
The tuna fish wasn't that fresh.
This set suitable for girls that have small appetite.
There's no rice there and all the portions are very small.

Not so satisfy me although i looked happy.
Their service are good !

And i SWEAR i saw a fucking rat upstairs on the ceiling (there's no partition) only piece of woods. wtf . That's all after the meal that fucking rat make noise and some cotton thingy flew down to the table. And i din't had my SEA URCHIN cause it was GODDAMN expensive ! RM170 for a plate .

I should have dine in HOKKAIDO ICHIBA
So that i could have less then RM50 sea urchin rice that can feed me to death there.
No more hunting for yuzu. Yalah yalah , for you all i know that that yuzu is nothing ! Don't fucking compare me and you ! Probably your money isn't yours pun ! Stfu if u hate me

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