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Monday, March 5, 2012

Golden Baby


I could't tell his age cause he apparently went to my house during CNY (bai tian gong) night. I saw him running pass our main door than i asked my elder brother to catch him cause i don't dare to do it. Within one week , i keep on asked my mum whether i could keep it or want to give back to it's owner. She say keep until CNY new year pass first (15th). Therefore i waited. Out of patient i went to pet shop and get his cage and food for him until now i just bought a female companion for him and yet another cage. So now i got 2 hamster. I never touch FIFI cause i'm scare of it. She act so aggressively. wtf . Last week , golden were sick until now haven't recover yet. His eyes started to have eye shit everyday and i slowly clean it using a warm cotton. Today he shakes and sneezes. Sigh................. This is a sign that he is going to heaven. Although our relationship weren't that long but i really hearts him. Do you know how heartsick i'm now ? Please give yourself more time golden baby ! Please pray for him <3

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