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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 things about me

What should i start first ... hmmmpppppp ..

1) How do you see yourself ?

Stupid sensitive girl . wtf . I like to think bad sometimes i will nervous till i feel like wanna puke or cry. I donno , i just like to think bad and i think i need to sit back and relax and be like you guys out there ! FREE & EASY !

I'm a SHY girl , NO JOKE ! I doesn't like to talk to people that i barely know and i donno how to communicate nicely with people. I'm kinda like straight forward person when it comes to asking things. Therefore i got no friends #foreveralone. I donno how to talk to friends of friends of friends. I just donno how to start up a conversation. But one thing i don't understand , WHY U NO TALK TO ME FIRST !?

2) What you are doing now ?

I'm a college drop-out. Whatthefuck can i do ? hahahaha

I'm currently helping out at my mum's hardware shop. Yeap. Blue collar worker. ok laugh now. My assigned job are see what customer wants , debtors account , check stock (sometimes) , receive stock and arrange stock. It's not easy ! Do you know how many items we had in this shop ? If i'm not wrong more then 3k of goods. How to arrange ??? Therefore it's always untidy.

3) Why you still want to work with your mum ?

First up, i doesn't need to see my boss face !
Second , Good pay although i only drive Myvi but it's okay cause it's my car not my parents one !
Third , i can always slack & curi tulang but never late for work. (8am-6pm)

4) Have you ever think to look for a job ?

Occasionally because it's tooooooooooo stress out for me. Dealing with unreasonable customers. one word #hard.

It's easy for me to look for a job because i already got my LCCI certificate. (Now i remember still got 2 more papers haven't take yet) wtf. It's not easy to work outside. I need to pay for my flat, car, parent's fee, fuel, eat and etc. You see, my value outside is only RM1500/month max (working as a acc.clerk). So, if i work outside i won't be able to pay those expenses that i need to pay.

So i need to stick at my mum's shop FOREVER AND EVER ! You see i really envy people wear OL outfit. Makes me want to wear all the time but no choice i'm lazy and i chose this pathway in the first place. So there's no turning back unless i START up a business of myself. Wait i got money first.

5) What will you do if you have fund to start a business ?

Hmmmmmm I really don know. Still thinking.

6) How is your relationship ?

It's getting loosen up now. From 50 to 20 to 10 to 5 to 2 text messages per day. I wonder if this happen to every couple out there ? Almost 3years now and i still love him very much. It's just that there's a gap on us.
What gap ? Don't want tell you all .. hahahhaa

7) What kind of things you like ?

I like to Travel & Eat

Travelling to places that i never been to. I like to visit Maldives before it sink of .

Eating SUSHI is my favorite thing to do .. hahahaha sushi sushi sushi. other then that i like korean food too ! Yummmmy

8) Do like partying ?

Yes indeed ! Especially concert (not those boring S.H.E those concert) i mean concert partying with LMFAO, Flo rida , David guetta and etc ! With those party rockers and with beers ! Ahhhhh ! Love it ! Just like tomorrowland ! I like to party with Girlfriends - - sorry i doesn't like guys to touch me seriously . wtf . i donno why

I usually party with my bestie's friends. I doesn't have any party friends. Sigh. Therefore whenever they asked me to go , i'm sure going if i'm well ! #foreveralone style.

9) I can't think of anymore. Anything just ask me.

10) This is meant for no one. If u feel boring then read :)

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  1. I boring and i just read ..

    9) What is your weight ?